And, Another Long Trip to Europe, Part Two

The next morning, we boarded the “Norwegian Spirit,” a cruise liner that can provide comfort and fine cuisine for some two thousand guests. Their crew of nearly nine hundred with numerous incredibly talented persons from Eastern Europe is well trained. They show a culture of service and attention to the passengers which is exemplary.

The ship on which we embarked for our twelve day cruise.

For twelve days, we cruised the Mediterranean and made numerous stops where we could have various options of shore excursions.

Top left: Florence, The Duomo with its entire facing in white marble. Top Right: Florence, Ponte Vecchio (The Old Bridge). Bottom: Marianna, Francoise & George

We docked in the port of Livorno and went to visit Florence and then Castello del Trebbio. The Castello is a fine winery housed in a facility built between the twelfth and the fifteenth century. We had the pleasure of meeting the owner, a charming lady of Austrian extraction, and sampled the wines. Difficult for me to stay away from wineries.

The entrance to the old castle which happens to be a winery. It dates back to the early medieval days.

Another stop-over brought us to Cagliari, on the coast of Sardinia, where the uphill climb was long and very steep to the old fortress and its elephant tower.

Sardignia, The port of Cagliari with its elaborate balconies. The entrance to the “Elephant Tower”.

After a stormy day at sea with endless lightning bolts, we reached Crete. Our goal was to visit the excavation of Knossos, a city built initially six thousand years ago and that was forgotten until the late nineteenth century. Our guide was very knowledgeable and explained numerous details about that fascinating site.

To be continued…

Crete, Knossos, a city built 6,000 years ago. To the right, a Roman street with the center stones covered drainage for grey water.

Patrick G. Duffeler
Founder & Chairman

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