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Here we are, a Virginia Winery present at the London Wine Fair for many years.  Two years ago, Matthew Meyer, our Winemaker, chatted with numerous winemakers from Argentina to discuss new “assemblages” trends and to taste wines.

Steven Spurrier, one of the foremost British Wine Experts.

While in conversation over tasting the Williamsburg Winery wines, Steven Spurrier (one of the foremost British Wine Experts) recommended that Matthew should taste the Apogeo Malbec as being an exceptional wine.  Matthew did and met Geraldo Cartellone, the Founder of the A-16 Winery (see earlier blogs).

Patrick, Marcelo Pelleriti, Elena and Matthew in Argentina in ’14. Marcelo is seen as probably the foremost Argentine winemaker, having achieved a 100 Point rating.

Over the last 20+ years, it was under the impulse of Nicola Zapata, a major Argentine winery operator who understood that a singular focus on a special varietal to typify the  Argentinian terroir would bring great attention to their wines.  Malbec was selected and has proved now to become their signature wine.

In the Fall of ’13, we all met with Geraldo in Williamsburg and planned our trip to Argentina.  Last year, Matthew and I traveled to Argentina.

Matthew Meyer on the cruise ship on the Seine River presenting the Williamsburg wines.

The restaurant in Rouen that faces the place where Joan of Arc was executed during the British/French Hundred Years War.









In the meantime, he was invited to present Williamsburg Winery wines to the passengers of a cruise line which went from Paris, France to the North Sea and sailed back to the French Capital.

Elena and Françoise in front of the Chateau de Monbazillac.

Françoise and I met him and Elena, his wife.  We travelled together down to Bordeaux, visited our barrel-maker (more about that in a future blog), a number of beautiful properties making memorable wines.  That included something we could not fail, stopping in Monbazillac and also meeting a leading winemaker working at improving the wines of the Cotes de Bergerac.

Matthew joining us to present the Williamsburg wines to French consumers in Sabine Brochard’s restaurant.



We participated in a consumer wine tasting of TWW products in the vaulted cellar of Sabine Brochard in Orleans (Ver di Vin).

The cases of the ’12 Apogeo are now on their way to Norfolk at the same time as Matthew was already back in Argentina participating in the ’15 Crush.  In the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are reversed, and they experience their harvest in April.)  He is planning a special Matthew Meyer Malbec under a new label uniting A-16 and the Williamsburg Winery.  It will take a few months before that very special release will be available.

Harvesting the Malbec for Matthew’ special project.


Matthew shoveling grapes at A16 Mendoza.


Meanwhile, Matthew is back in Virginia to oversee the planting of our new 5-acre Chardonnay vineyard.

More steps towards expanding our horizons.

Patrick G. Duffeler
Founder and Chairman


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